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How it Works

Policies and Procedures

November 15, 2018 - April 1, 2019

  • Minimum 2 Inch snowfall required
  • 12-hour policy, in which Artistic Snow Removal strives to clear the driveway within 12 hours upon completion of snowfall
  • For larger snowfalls a second clean up will be done within 24 hours of the first visit to clear the remains of the city plow.
  • All cheques and post-dated cheques must be received by Artistic Snow Removal before any work will commence
  • Any returned cheques will result in a work freeze until all funds are reimbursed.
  • All returned cheques are subject to a $10 fee.
  • All contracts are subject to HST.
  • Artistic Snow Removal is not liable for any injury occurring on the above stated property due to snow or ice accumulation.
  • Artistic Snow Removal is not liable for any damage to any objects protruding into or left on driveway of the above stated property. (Protruding retaining walls, steps, downspouts, flowerpots, shrubs, bushes, or objects near such as sod or gardens, light posts or pillar lights near driveway etc.)
  • Artistic Snow Removal is not liable for slippery, icy conditions, ice accumulation or ice management.
  • Artistic Snow Removal is not liable for any aggregate or debris blown on lawn.
  • Artistic Snow Removal will not move or rearrange any garbage bins or blues boxes.
  • Artistic Snow Removal will not wait for customers to move vehicles. And will not make a “special visit” just to get where your cars were parked.



Q: Can you make sure my driveway is done by 6 am?

A: Unfortunately, the challenging thing with snow blowing is that snow comes at anytime of the day or night. Therefore, we can't guarantee that we will be at your house by 6 every day.  We have 3 basic times that we like to get our customers cleared out by. These times are dependent on what time it snows. These are not set times but just a goal.

  • Our first priority is to have the driveways cleared by 7 Am; this is possible when it snows evening until 2 am.
  • Secondly, 5 pm this is possible when it starts snowing at 4 am - late morning.
  • Our third goal time is 11 pm so that everyone can get his or her cars off the road at night. This is possible when it snows in the late morning - afternoon.
  • On "continual snowfalls" such as a large squall that has developed, we will start at a reasonable time (considering how much snow has already fallen and how much is still in the forecast) and run as much and as quickly as possible. We are however, subject to laws in this area. Our drivers are only allowed to legally run for 11 hours with 10 hours of break following. This law has been established for both customer and employee's protection and is something that we as a company cannot risk ignoring.